When will I get my order?


Sometimes Fans can order their show at the gig and walk away with a CD less than 10 minutes after the show has ended. However, most of our sales are from fans ordering from our WebShop and here at PledgeMusic.com.

When these are shows recorded as ‘instant’ deliveries on the night, we aim to get our stock to our fulfilment partner to start posting out within 2 working days after thee show. LHN work all over the world, so sometimes this takes a little longer depending on where your show has been recorded. Updates will be posted on campaign page to keep you updated on the process.

You will receive a email notification once your pre-order has shipped. If you have not had one, feel free to contact our Customer Service Dept (see contacts below) who are there to help. Please make sure you have checked your junk/spam folders before getting in touch. If you are ordering a show that has already been recorded and is in stock these are processed normally within 24 hours of order confirmation


On the night show - We try and get the Downloads ready to send out to fans the next working day after the show. Fans pre-ordering the download will receive an email telling them the download is ready and reminding them of how to access it. 

Not on the night - For these shows the audio will go into the mix process and then the artist approval process - you will be notified when this is ready. Please note, touring and recording commitments can affect the release date of these downloads. Updates will be posted on campaign page to keep you updated on the process.



The audio from the vinyl is more often than not given a new mix after the gig. This process, along with the mastering of the audio and the approval by the artist of the mixed and mastered audio can all take longer than initially anticipated.  Artists can still be on tour or out of the country, plus, the creative process does just, at times, take longer than anyone would like.

Couple all this with the demands on the manufacturing of vinyl right now, the process of producing vinyl can sometimes take a few months. We always aim to keep you updated and will give an estimated shipping date before you order and also on the order info so you have an idea from the very start.

The vinyl resurgence is wonderful to see, however, most of the equipment involved in making Vinyl at every stage, is well over 50 years old and as there are still a very limited amount of Vinyl plants, it is all running almost constantly to try and keep up with ever increasing demand.  Due to this, like everyone else, we’re at the mercy of everything working and space at the plants.



Again, the audio for the Best Of editions compiled from more than one show, is more often than not given a new mix and also needs to be compiled by or for the artist with their full approval. This is then mastered and put into manufacture or burnt on to high quality CDrs by our team. Similar to the vinyl by the nature of everything that needs to happen, this process sometimes takes as few months, but we will keep you updated when we have more info and always give you an idea on the order information.



Merchandise items are manufactured separately to CDs and vinyl. The initial designs posted on the store may not be final, but these will be updated further in to the campaign once designs are finalised and approved by the artist teams. Sometimes this takes a while longer as we are waiting from designs to be approved, but we will keep you updated and we always try and get this approved and on order as close to a show release as we can.

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