How does fulfillment of orders work?

We have our very own fulfillment system in the back end that will help you stay organized as you ship items out to your pledgers. We even have fulfillment partners who can take on the manufacture of fulfillment of your goods. Please ask your Campaign Manager for more details on working with a third party fulfiller.

For self-fulfillment:

First from your dashboard side bar go to: Fulfill Orders

Select the drop down menu under "Incentive." Here you can filter by a specific item (if for example you are only fulfilling T-Shirts at this time). When you're ready to mark as shipped, you select the checkbox next to the order(s) that you're fulfilling, and under the "Action" dropdown, select "Mark as Shipped." Make sure to save!

If you prefer to sort by individual pledger, (if you want to fulfill all items in that pledger's box all at once) you can select the pledger number, to the left of their name. A pop-up box will open, and you can click the checkbox next to the items you're fulfilling. This is helpful if you aren't fulfilling "all" if there is an experience yet to be fulfilled.

We also have a way to download all the info as an Excel file for tracking, and a way to print a PDF of all shipping labels. This is another quick way to fulfill, as on the shipping label it says what needs to be in each package (although we suggest crossing it out once you've sealed up the box. You can access these on the dashboard side bar at: Manage > Inventory. Scroll down to the very bottom of that page and click "Download All."

If you go the shipping label route, here's more info on how to use them:

Our shipping labels include the selected incentives for reference, please cut off that side of the label or black it out with a marker so the package contents isn’t self evident. There’s nothing worse than your concert tickets getting ‘lost’ in the mail two days before the show.

The labels include the pledge id number and payment status – eg ‘1234(paid)’. Be sure to check the status is either “paid” or “completed” before sending.

Additional code letters may appear next to the payment status to indicate whether further care may be necessary before shipping:

  • S: You starred the pledge.
  • N: You added notes to the pledge.
  • I: The pledger included additional delivery instructions.
  • A: The pledger included an additional amount beyond cost of exclusives. That was nice! Send them something extra if you can (maybe a sticker or a thank you note).

Paper Size: Make sure you’re using either US Letter (Avery 5162 compatible) or A4 (Avery L7163 compatible) labels. Most “14 mailing labels per page” should work, but we recommend printing out the first page on its own to check before ruining 20 sheets! You can also print a test page on a plain sheet of paper and hold it over the labels to check they line up.

Print labels at 100% page size (not stretch to fit) and select a paper size of “Borderless A4” / “Borderless US Letter” / “Borderless 8.5x 11 in.”


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