How do I release my download?

Congratulations on your upcoming release!

You can upload your digital download by going to "Add Downloads" on the left-hand menu of your Dashboard. You'll be guided through the steps there to release, but here is a snapshot of what you will find.

Steps to releasing a download

1. Upload your tracks. If you upload AIFF, WAV or FLAC files then both FLAC and MP3 format will be made available to pledgers. Or just upload 320kps mp3s.
2. Click through each file on the left to check for for accurate tags.
3. Upload any other files you'd like to include (video/images/pdfs etc).
4. Click Rebuild to create the final zip file.
5. When your download is ready schedule a release time.
6. If this is your digital release "New Album AccessPass Download", then go to your project dashboard after the release and click "Close Project" to receive your release payment.

Make sure to "link exclusive to" the AccessPass for "Release Payment/Closes Project" in the "edit release details page. This release will automatically close your store. If you would like to keep your store open for orders after the release day, please inform your Campaign Manager before releasing the download so this feature can be turned off.

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