How do I create updates?

Updates are the life-blood of any PledgeMusic campaign. To create your first update, you can navigate to "Updates" on your dashboard's left-hand menu.

 Below is our recommended Updates best practices:

  • Successful campaigns typically have an update at least every 2-5 days for the duration of the campaign. They don't have to be super involved or lengthy, but short fun, interesting messages, videos, pictures or tracks are what keep people wanting to come aboard your campaign.
  • To post an update, click “Promote” on your dashboard, then click “Updates”. Create a subject line and description, and then click “continue to media upload”. There you can add mp3s, photos, or videos. 
  • The updates can be made public or exclusive to pledgers (preferred). The mp3s can be available for stream only or download. 
  • Save and Preview your draft first, then click “Publish” to send immediately, or set the time and date then click “Publish” to trigger. 
  • It's best if the update content (the video, post, etc) is only shared on PledgeMusic and not shared separately on Facebook and Twitter as not to dilute the impact of the update.
  • You should however share the link to the update on social media. Fans who have not pledged yet will get to see a short preview of a video you post or hear a short preview of a track you post but will then be cut off and prompted to pledge in order to unlock the entire update (plus any other ones you've posted). You can still see the whole update, because you are logged into your account.
  • We find that creating custom posts about each update is more effective in spreading the word. You can grab the direct link to the update by clicking on the update title and then copying the URL.

Pro-Tip: Sending an email to let fans know that there are now updates for them to see if they Pledge, is also a helpful tool.
I.e. "Thanks for your support so far. It means a lot. There are now four updates (video, audio and photos etc) available on our campaign page and there are more to come. We can't wait to get this new music to you!"

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